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Please share any events relating to the health of people with learning disabilities here.

Forensic Issues Conference - 19 December 2018 - London (1)
Seminar: Transforming Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services - Thursday 28 February 2019 London (1)
The Sensory Projects 2019 events discounted until end of 2018 (1)
Webinar: Oral healthcare and dental treatment for people with learning disabilities (1)
Health Creation: Wealth Creation – fighting health inequalities using community assets (1)
Reclaim Social Care (1)
Raising the bar II ~ Improving health, lives and outcomes for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (1)
Raising the Bar for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (1)
Developmental Disability in Prison (1)
Public health and people with learning disabilities: national evidence for local action (1)
MacIntyre Memories & Miles Events (1)
Train the Trainer LD and Dementia (1)
how primary care staff prescribe contraception to people with disabilities. (1)
Interoception - Difficulties with sleeping, eating and knowing when to go to the toilet (1)
Thinking about health and people with learning disabilities (1)
Webinar: Dying too young: Tuesday June 19th, 12:30-1pm (1)
ARC England Training Workshops available June 2018 (1)
Improving the Lives of People with Learning Disabilities Combating Inequalities in Health, Education and Employment Strand Palace Hotel Thursday 5th July 2018 (1)