Emotional Wellbeing Course Available Online at Any Time

How to support emotional wellbeing for people who use other ways than words to communicate.

This course can be accessed any time and takes 2-6 hours to complete. It includes 90 minutes of video presentation, in 12 sections and interspersed with optional activities and quizzes.

Are you interested in supporting and promoting the emotional wellbeing of children or adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities? If so, this course may help. We will look at what emotional wellbeing is, what impacts it can have on general wellbeing, learning and development and how we can support people who use other means than words to communicate. The course includes strategies and approaches for care and support, that can be used at home as well as in education and care settings.

Science has shown us that there is a wealth of natural, non-invasive things we can do that involve interactions, the senses and the body to help promote emotional wellbeing and protect against mental health problems. You will learn about research evidence and explore practical ways that you can support those you support, love and care for.

Who the course is for:

This course is for family members, education, health and social care professionals and therapists. The course is specifically designed to focus on the needs of children and adults with severe and profound disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and autism and is applicable to people with brain injury and dementia who use non-verbal methods of communication.

You will learn how a range of approaches, strategies and experiences can help promote wellbeing, and how to put these into practice.

The course covers:

• What emotional wellbeing is
• What science tells us about how we can support emotional wellbeing
• Specific considerations for people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities
• Practical evidence-based approaches for supporting wellbeing

The strategies and approaches you will learn about:

• Can be used at home, in education, adult and therapeutic services and settings
• Can be used to support children and adults
• Do not require cognitive and language skills and abilities
• Do not require specialist equipment

What’s included:

• Video recording of a live online course held in 2021 edited into sections and totalling 90 minutes
• 6 quizzes, the answers to which can be found in the course content
• Optional activities, which can be carried out alone, in pairs or in a group
• Evidence, theory and suggestions for how you can support those you care and support
• A downloadable copy of the slides used in the presentation
• 6 recording / observation tools to download
• A certificate of completion
• Access to the entire course and all materials for one year

We offer a discounted rate of £8 for families. Please email [julie@nacwellbeing.org] to arrange this.

If you wish to gain access to the course for more than one person, please purchase a course for each person or contact [julie@nacwellbeing.org] for discounted group bookings.

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