Trauma online course 21st January 10am-12pm

The course will cover:

• What is trauma

• The effects of trauma

• What science tells us about how we can support wellbeing and healing

• Specific considerations for people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities

• Practical evidence-based approaches for supporting the wellbeing of people who may be affected by trauma

'Clear information, practical advice and insights. Inspiring and motivating.’ Helene, Parity for Disability

Many people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities are living with the effects of trauma, and this can have devastating effects on their emotional and physical health, learning and development. This course is for family members, education, health and social care professionals and therapists and will sensitively and compassionately examine why this population are at such high risk of suffering from trauma and what we can best do to support healing. The course is designed specifically to focus on the needs of children and adults with severe and profound disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and autism and is applicable to people with brain injury and dementia who use other means than words to communicate.