Two jobs and a PhD scholarship

Christmas is a time for reflection - if you find yourself thinking, ‘I can’t go back to that job’ after Christmas - look no further!

Come and work with our friendly and experienced participatory learning disability research team in Sheffield.

We have three, yes three, opportunities, for more details follow the links below

Full time grade 8 (research fellow) post for 28 months

Part time (0.2) grade 7 (research associate) post for 12 months

PhD Scholarship

Please circulate around your networks and get in touch if you’d like more information

Thanks and Merry Christmas


Dr Liz Croot


Senior Lecturer

Deputy Director of the Health and Care Research Unit (HCRU)

School of Health and Related Research

University of Sheffield

Room 3004

Regent Court

30 Regent Street

Sheffield S1 4DA

I am usually in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays although this can vary. My preferred method of contact is email /Google Meet.

I may send and respond to emails out of hours - there is no expectation on you to do the same.