Supporting Emotional Regulation

This on demand course may be particularly helpful when thinking about people who suffer from anxiety, distress, depression, low mood or who appear withdrawn or disengaged. It is suitable for anyone involved in the care, support or education of children or adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and autism, dementia or brain injury and who use ways other than words to communicate.

In this course we explore:

– What emotional regulation is
– When and why people may become dysregulated
– Identifying states in others
– The neural basis of regulation and co-regulation
– Approaches for supporting regulation

The course comprises:

– A recording of a live 90 minute workshop held on Zoom
– A 50 page pdf document including references and links
– Research evidence and theory, and tips for how you can best support those you love and care for
– A certificate of completion

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