Sugar Choice - a new game-based app for diabetes

Sugar Choice is a free educational app that teaches people how much sugar is in different foods. It’s an accessible touch-screen game where players are shown pictures of two foods and must tap on the one they think has less sugar.

Encouraging people to eat a healthy, balanced diet is a central part of public health campaigns. This is particularly important for people at risk of type-2 diabetes: prevention being better than treatment. Sugar Choice makes learning about healthy options fun and could help anyone who would benefit from eating a low sugar diet.

Diabetes is up to four times more prevalent in people with learning disabilities. However, they can struggle with complicated nutritional information and healthy eating advice. Sugar Choice has been designed in line with the accessible information standards to be simple, interactive and fun. It can help people learn about food choices and promote their involvement in their care.

The app works on any Android phone or tablet and can be downloaded free from Google’s Play Store. Link to download page:
An Apple version for iPads and iPhones will follow in the future.

The game is still under development, so any feedback or ideas to make it even better would be greatly appreciated. And if you like the game, please leave a 5-star review at Google Play Store.

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