Seminar: Transforming Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services - Thursday 28 February 2019 London

Seminar: Transforming Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services:

Promoting, Protecting and Improving Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Date: Thursday 28th February 2019


Morning Panel:
Transforming Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Examining the National Outlook and Reviewing Latest Policy Developments
• Transforming CAMHS Provision: Reviewing the main principles of the Government’s Green Paper
• The Five Year forward View for Mental Health Three Years on: Examining the progress made
• Reducing Waiting Times and Tackling out of Area Placements: Supporting all young people
• Effectively Utilising Resources: Tackling health inequalities through available funding
• Up-skilling Front Line Staff: Reviewing the provisions of the Stepping Forward to 2020/21 report

Afternoon Panel:
Improving Prevention, Early Intervention and Recovery: Supporting the Well- Being of all Children and Young People
• Embedding an Early Intervention Approach: Examining the role of schools in early identification and referral for support
• Engaging with Parents and Carers: Working with families to identify and support children with mental health issues
• Raising Public Awareness and Understanding: Tackling stigma, discrimination and inequalities
• Supporting the Transition into Adult Services: Delivering consistent and tailored care to achieve continued recovery
• Social Media and Mental Health: Examining emerging challenges, promoting positive use

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