Raising the Bar for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities

It’s now a year since the launch of the ‘Core and Essential Service Standards: Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities’ - and time to reflect!

This years (not-for-profit) national conference brings together practitioners and families, students and academics, services and providers from Health, Education and Care to ‘raise the bar’ by sharing best practice of ‘the PMLD standards in action’.

These aim of these co-produced standards is to raise the bar on expectations and standards of care everywhere. Our sights are set on improving the health, lives and outcomes of this marginalised group of individuals by challenging services and providers to raise their standards and inclusion of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, wherever they live. Come and join us and be inspired!

To view the programme and buy tickets (not-for-profit event):

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To download a free copy of the standards:

For exhibition space contact: raisingthebar@gmail.com