NHS Stay Well This Winter easy read - UPDATED NOV 2022

This is an updated version of the ’Help Us Help You - Stay Well This Winter’ easy read leaflet from the NHS.

It tells you about things you can do to stay well this winter including:

  • How to get your coronavirus booster and flu vaccinations (jabs)
  • What to do if you think you have coronavirus
  • When to get medical help
  • How to avoid giving coronavirus to other people
  • Treatments for coronavirus
  • What to do if you are feeling ill and it’s not coronavirus
  • Keeping warm
  • Fire safety at home
  • Keeping active
  • Getting help with your mental health
  • Making sure you have the right medicines
  • What you can do at home if you are ill
  • Handwashing
  • Prescriptions
  • Looking out for other people
  • Where to go for the right medical care including contacting your pharmacy and NHS 111

To find out more and to download this easy read leaflet and other alternative formats visit: nhs.uk/staywell

Help Us Help You - Your Health Matters

221124_SWTW2022_HUHY_Stay_Well_Leaflet_EasyRead_WebAcc.pdf (1.1 MB)

This leaflet was written by the NHS and UKHSA and was updated in November 2022.

Resources including easy reads for this and other campaigns are available at on this forum and at campaignresources.phe.gov.uk

Hopefully they create something like this more specific to young people :crossed_fingers: