NHS Pharmacy First campaign - easy read leaflet

This is a 2-page easy read leaflet which raises awareness that pharmacies can now provide prescription medicines for seven conditions, if needed, without a GP appointment.

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The leaflet says:

New ways your pharmacist can help you

Your local pharmacist can now treat you and give you medicines for some illnesses without you having to see a doctor first.

Pharmacists can now help if you have:

  • an earache and you may have a high temperature
  • a dry, scratchy or sore throat
  • a urinary tract infection (UTI) which can feel like a burning or a pain when you pee
  • sinusitis which can be a blocked or bunged up nose
  • shingles which can give you a rash and make you feel unwell
  • impetigo which can give you an itchy rash
  • infected insect bites which can be red and sore

You can still speak to your doctor but your pharmacist will often be able to help. You do not have to book an appointment.

Find out more at How pharmacies can help - NHS

Help Us Help You - See your pharmacist

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This easy read leaflet was written by the NHS as part of the Help Us Help You - Think Pharmacy First campaign 2024.

You can find other NHS resources including easy read versions of materials at campaignresources.dhsc.gov.uk