Making Lifestyle Medicine Accessible to People with Learning Disabilities

Hi I am not sure of you saw this but I conducted a study looking at people with learning disabilities who did not eat meat and the knowledge of this group surrounding meat free diets’t_like_it-Attitudes_of_vegetarians_or_vegans_who_have_learning_disabilities and we made this video Exploring meat free alternatives? on Vimeo

Hi Claire, thank you for commenting! I actually referenced your study in the presentation. It was the only research I could find relating to this area. If you are aware of any other studies, or would like support on future studies on this topic then please let me know. Also, the video is fantastic - I love it.


No I am not aware of anymore sadly so we need more :blush:

In terms of supporting on future studies potentially, my main research area is sexuality and intimate relationships – I run Supported Loving Network but I could see if I had an availability as it is something I care about



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Hi thanks, this is interesting. I just read the paper and it gave me food for thought (no pun intended!!) especialy re. raising awareness of sustainable food production as well as the potential dietary benefits of meat-free.