Making a plan for emergencies

Together Matters has been supporting families to plan for the future for many years. An important part of this has been making a plan for emergencies.
In the current situation many families are wondering about who might help if they become ill and how they will let others know all the important information about their relative if replacement support is needed.

We have created a new PDF, Making a plan for emergencies that combines information about how to make a plan with a template to write an emergency plan. Also, there are three additional templates to think about who might help out in an emergency situation and to gather essential information about a person to keep them safe and well.

There are two versions including one that has text boxes that can be filled in on a computer. This can be shared by email with others, including those who could contribute their ideas and support. Very useful when people can’t meet together to make plans.

Please share this resource with families, support organisations and practitioners who may find it helpful.