Learning Disabilities Health Intelligence Network: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Learning Disabilities Health Intelligence Network: Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Welcome to the learning disabilities health intelligence network update from Public Health England. If you have been forwarded this bulletin from someone else, you can sign up to receive bulletins directly. If you’re new to gov.uk bulletins, create an account and select ‘Learning Disability Intelligence network’ from the list.

While the Coronavirus outbreak continues, the format of these bulletins will be different to usual. As well as letting you know about information from Public Health England we will also provide links to information being made available by other organisations.

Easy read Coronavirus guidance

Public Health England have published the following guidance in an easy read format:

Other Public Health England Coronavirus guidance:

Easy read resources available elsewhere:

Resources for people with learning disabilities and families from the Learning Disability Professional Senate:

Health and social care guidance:


  • An online discussion will be hosted by WeLDnurses on twitter this evening.@WeLDNurses invite learning disability nurses to share their experiences of how they and people with learning disabilities are coping during this pandemic. They want to know how learning disability nurses are changing their working practices to adapt to the current guidance.
  • SCIE are hosting a question and answer session for the social care sector on 3rd April, about how COVID-19 affects care workers.
  • The National Mental Capacity forum are hosting a series of three online meetings about COVID-19, starting on 1st April with a meeting to hear from health and social care workers about their ‘on the ground’ experiences

Keep well everyone.