Improving the Lives of People with Learning Disabilities Combating Inequalities in Health, Education and Employment Strand Palace Hotel Thursday 5th July 2018

Of the 1.4 million people with a learning disability in the UK, NHS England estimates that just over 200,000 are known to learning disability services (2017). Chronic levels of unidentified need underpin inequalities in health and well being for those with learning disabilities.
Delegates Will:
• Identify priorities for improving health and social care across the NHS and local authorities in the absence of new primary legislation
• Discuss ways of creating more inclusive and targeted education for adult and school-age SEND pupils
• Evaluate methods of increasing the employment opportunities for those with learning disabilities
• Discuss interventions enabling individuals with learning disabilities to lead more active, sociable and healthy lives
• Scrutinise how health and social care professionals can receive better training on the needs of those with learning disabilities
• Share best practice in enabling independent living and providing pathways into appropriate or assistive housing
• Review the successes of TCPs and CTRs in delivering more collaborative and integrated forms of care that ensures timely discharge
• Explore the need to combat stigma and drive changes in attitudes towards people with learning disabilities

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