Hospital support for autistic patients

Hi All,
I’ve recently heard mention of a role in hospitals, equivalent to the Learning Disability Acute Liaison Nurse but for patients who are autistic without a learning disability. Can anyone remind me of the role title please? Is this an initiative that’s just specific to certain health trusts or part of a wider development? Thanks! Annie

Dear Annie. I would be really interested to learn more about this too coming from a Speech and Language therapy perspective.

In Cornwall our acute liaison nurse service for people with learning disabilities extended their role to also cover autistic patients. In Derriford in Plymouth they have a specific autism liaison nurse service which is separate to the learning disability team. Its so helpful to have both services and I have had very positive feedback from patients on how much better their hospital experiences have been since the introduction of both services. I am sure both teams would be happy to discuss the commissioning arrangements and business cases put forward to get the services.


We don’t have this service within Northamptonshire yet.