Help improve our online teacher training resource

Dear all,

My colleagues and I would be incredibly grateful if you could pass on the attached leaflet to any caregivers or education practitioners (teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants etc.) who would be able to help us improve our online teacher training resource:

PPIflyer.pdf (1.1 MB)

This free resource provides condensed and accessible evidence-based information for education practitioners supporting children with genetic syndromes and intellectual disability. We would like to ask any caregivers of a child with a genetic syndrome, and education practitioners who have experience working with children with a genetic syndrome, for a few hours of their time to review the resource and to provide us feedback during online interviews or focus groups.

We will aim to be as flexible as possible in finding a time/date that is suitable for them (including evenings/weekends). In addition, participants will be compensated up to £75 in cash or Love to Shop vouchers for their time.

If anyone has any questions, they are welcome to contact me.

Thank you very much,

Dr Katherine Ellis
Research Fellow
Email: k.ellis@SURREY.AC.UK

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