Going out with 2:1 support under Covid 19 restrictions

Hi. My son’s care provider has said he cannot leave his house/garden during the CV19 restricitons even though he has no underlying health problems. He has a severe learning disability, is autistic and has some challenging behaviours. He has 2:1 support for community activities. They think it is not safe for him to go out because the staff would be at risk because if they both had to attend to my son because of a challenging behaviour they would be too close to each other - i.e. closer than 2 metres. We are in Wales. I cannot find anything on this in the Welsh or English guidance. Does anyone know of any? There must be others like my son who have 2:1 support. Are they all being confined to the house/garden? Would be grateful to hear from others in a similar situation.

Hi welsh govt have stated in the covid act that people with a learning disability can go out more than once a day with more than one staff if staying in would be detrimental to them it’s on welsh govt website hope that helps x

Hi Laura,

Thanks but can you provide a link? All that I can find is here: https://gov.wales/leaving-home-exercise-guidance

“Exercise should be done alone or with other members of the household (or with carers as appropriate – see below)…”

  1. The regulation also acknowledges, however, that staying indoors for extended periods of time without relief may exacerbate certain mental or physical conditions. Examples of specific health conditions or disabilities include learning disabilities, autism, dementia or other mental health conditions which can be alleviated by an established routine or by exercise outdoors. Where people with particular conditions would (accompanied as necessary by their carers) benefit from outdoor exercise more frequently than once a day, this would be a reasonable excuse to leave home.”

I think my son’s provider has taken the view that this is just carers (plural) referring to people (plural) and, that because the carers are not allowed to be in the house together with my son at the moment to keep them 2m apart from each other, they would have to be 2m apart from each other when out as well!

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Hi. Just to let you know that, after some support from two learning disability organisations, my son’s provider changed their policy and he is now allowed to go out in his car/for a walk with 2:1 support, providing staff wear appropriate PPE. What a relief! I was worried that he would not be getting enough fresh air and exercise.