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This edition of The Bridge (link to PDF) concentrates on neurodevelopmental disorders.

Research, particularly on treatments in children within the neurodevelopmental arenas is limited and in many ways behind general mental health research for children or adults.

In this bridge, there are summarised versions of JCPP (ACAMH’s world leading multidisciplinary child and adolescent mental health journal) papers on the topics of speech, language and communication, ADHD and ASD, highlighting the advancement of research in these areas. It is acknowledged that more research is required to produce evidence based treatments, and even more work is required to get them from scientific papers into clinical practice, but also that this is a step wise process with understanding the conditions from a scientific perspective being part of it.

Mary Busk and Sue North from NHS England have also contributed updates and their views on the importance of identifying an Intellectual Disability for parents, carers, services and where national policy has a part to play. Mary has also contributed a separate piece on the importance of research for children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

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