Demonstrating the value of an acute Learning Disabilities liaison service within Hywel Dda University Health Board

Linda’s case study was completed in 2018 and reflects 2018 prices

Linda Phillips has shown how she and her colleagues will demonstrate the true value of a new Acute Learning Disability Liaison Service. In her report Linda sets out the policy drivers and local context for this service development. She details the full economic set up and running costs of the service as £80,700.45 in year one and £80,554.19 in year two.

Linda sets out a wide range of qualitative and quantitative benefits, some of which she has monetised. For example, Linda shows that by enabling a reduction in the length of hospital stay, costs are avoided. If the length of stay for 39% of patients with a learning disability is reduced by one day, £50,255.23 per year of costs would be avoided. However following peer review it was agreed reasonable to assume that approximately a third of patients admitted will have complex needs. Based on a current patient case study, Linda estimates potential cost avoidance could be between £582,689.25 and £791,859.75 per year. Furthermore, reduced length of stay will free up capacity and contribute to Welsh Government targets for A&E and referral to treatment times.

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