COVID-19 Guided Self-help Booklet Series

The University of Glasgow, with assistance from colleagues at Lancaster University and the University of Warwick, have published a series of guided self-help booklets developed to support people with mild to moderate learning/intellectual disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Printed versions are available both to reach and include people with learning/intellectual disabilities who do not have internet access.

Access the Self-help Booklet Series online:


Introduction to Coronavirus Booklet

A Guide to using an Introduction to Coronavirus Booklet

Coping with feeling down

Feeling Down Booklet

A Guide to using the Feeling Down Booklet

Getting a good night’s sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep Booklet

A Guide to using A Good Night’s Sleep Booklet

Being active and staying well

‘You can do it!’ – Being Active and Keeping Better Booklet

A Guide to using the ‘You can do it!’ Booklet

Solving problems

‘Sort it out’ – A way to help you solve your problems Booklet

A Guide to using the ‘Sort it out’ Booklet

Coping with anxiety

Feeling Anxious about Coronavirus Booklet

A Guide to using the Feeling Anxious Booklet


A Video Relaxation Exercise (coming soon) and a A Guide to the Video Relaxation Exercise

Order print versions of the Self-help Booklet series:

Fill out an order form and email or call SCLD on 0141 248 3733 to order.

SCLD has also collated and produced further information and resources for and to support people with learning/intellectual disabilities throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. You can find out more here .

Hi. I have tried to access the booklets, but takes me to the Scottish LD site, with a message saying page not found / never existed. Can you please let me know how to access.

Many thanks

Apologies for the incorrect link. It has now been corrected in the post above.

Alternatively you can find it here:

Introduction to Coronavirus Booklet

Many thanks Neil.