Communication in an Acute Hospital


I am a B5 OT in an acute hospital. I am trying to create a series of easy read documents to enhance the patient experience/communication for LD patients within our trust.

I am focussing on:

  • What is an OT/Physio/Dietitian?
  • Equipment
  • Decisions in hospital
  • The ‘daily routine’ (or as close to one as there is in hospital!)
  • Who’s who within the hospital
  • Service after hospital

I wondered if anyone had come across anything like this/could think of any other ideas that might be useful for LD patients?


Hi there,
I’d recommend the easyhealth website. They collate lots of useful resources and you can search a specific term, e.g.:

There is also an easyread Facebook group where people recommend resources.

Best wishes,


Hi seen your post i think there is a massive need for formats to be done on different colour paper so we can read it and also embossed paper im dyslexic, and my son has sensory needs also have a son with cerebral palsy wheel chair and for kids or young adults there not enough child friendly young adult lead , they themselves need to be aware of whats happening they may see things very differently.