Breast Screening and Women with Learning Disabilities event, 13 June 2019, London

Last year I was conducted a research study along with Dr Paraskevi Triantafyllopoulou from The Tizard Centre which showed that women with learning disabilities who lack mental capacity (and also who do not use speech) are less likely to attend breast screening

We have teamed up with London South Bank University to put together a FREE exciting event (kindly sponsored and hosted by LSBU) to bring together women with learning disabilities, social care staff and NHS staff to talk about breast screening and women with learning disabilities and to see what we can do together to overcome some of the difficulties in this area. Please book tickets and come along to this event (see link).

Hi Claire, Breast Cancer Care ran a Train the Trainer project in Scotland a few years ago to teach trainers/managers to be able to tailor breast health and screening messages for people with learning disabilities, and make us aware of easy-read resources/videos we can use. Although, I have delivered this to many service users who have successfully attended screening there are still barriers for women with more severe disabilities in being able to convey consent and in maintaining positions appropriately. It was long ago discussed that those women to whom this applies should be able to get regular manual breast exams from either a GP, practice nurse or breast clinic instead, but I don’t know that this happens in practice? The event sounds great!