Bereavement, Loss and Grief On Demand Course Recording

Suitable for anyone involved in the care, support or education of children or adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD,) those on the autism spectrum, who have dementia or brain injury and who use ways other than words to communicate. Sarah Helton gives an introduction to how we can offer support when affected by bereavement, loss and grief.

In this recorded webinar we explore:

– What is grief?
– How do bereavement, loss and grief affect people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities?
– Our own responses to grief and advice on self-care
– How do people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities communicate grief?
– The language of loss, death, bereavement and grief
– How to offer help and support, including activities and resources

The course comprises:

– A 70 minute recording of a live workshop held on Zoom
– A pdf document of the slides used in the presentation, including references and links
– Practical suggestions for how you can best support those you love and care for

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