Alexithymia and Learning Disabilities

Hi all
I am looking for any help regarding interventions to help people who struggle with understanding and identifying their own and others emotions. DBT type approaches don’t seem to be helpful if you find it difficult to identify how you are feeling (either by physical symptoms or emotions). any help or ideas would be welcome.

Dear Sue,

Have you seen our emotional resilience information.

It has some interesting activities that have been developed for children that may need some support to understand feelings.

We also have an easy read guide which was coproduced with people with learning disabilities. Feeling Down – looking after my mental health

You might find some of the easy read information of help.

Best wishes


Christine-Koulla Burke

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

and Inequalities Programme Lead

Mobile 07985 417808



Hi Sue, why not contact Paul Isaacs. He’s interesting on this topic.