ADOS2 Administration and Coding

**​Manchester UK **
15th - 18th June 2020

The Course
The course takes place over 4 days for Modules 1 to 4. Trainees will become familiar with the administration and coding of each of these modules through watching and coding videos of the ADOS, and through discussion with our highly experienced, expert trainers. Trainees will also have the opportunity to practice various tasks, and explore the materials and toys provided with the ADOS-2 kit.

ADOS-2 is the latest revision of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, and has been adapted to anticipate the changes to the diagnostic definitions of DSM-5 . The ADOS is the most widely used observational assessment in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, for both clinical and research purposes. It is often described as the “Gold Standard” research assessment for autism.