NHS Protect yourself from flu - easy read leaflet

NHS Protect yourself from flu, have the flu vaccine - easy read leaflet

This is an easy read leaflet about how you can try and avoid getting flu by having the flu vaccine.

It tells you:

  • why you should have a flu vaccine if you have a learning disability or care for someone with a learning disability
  • how you can get a flu vaccine from your doctor or pharmacist
  • what happens when you go and get a vaccine

Protect_yourself_flu_Easy_Read_version_Winter_2019_2020_A4_.pdf (1.4 MB)

There is also a poster you can download using another link in the resources section called Protect your self from flu - easy read poster

You can order printed copies of the easy read by visiting https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/flu-leaflet-for-people-with-learning-disability and use code EASYREADFLU1

This leaflet was written by the NHS and Public Health England in 2019.